aberration: Anthy and Utena in the Utena movie, dancing in the flooded rose garden above their reflection. (we shall all be healed)
Or: super long media talky post from hell, I'm sorry. Also, it's kind of image heavy, somehow.

First, unsurprisingly: Staaaaaaaaaaar Waaaaaaaaaaars )

More things!!!!

My thoughts upon finishing The Man in the High Castle, which are trippy rambling nonsense due to my not giving a shit and sometimes recognizing that someone who reads this might not have seen the show, and sometimes not caring! Also, spoilers everywhere, and discussion of racist, antisemitic, and ableist violence, as would be expected from not only 'Nazis' but 'the Nazis won.' )

Jurassic World )

The Martian )

Deadpool )

Jessica Jones )

Master of None )

Cloud Atlas (the movie) )

The Theory of Everything )

Network )

The Breakfast Club )

Die Hard )

Other things about my life right now:

- I hate dogs I haTE DOGS I HATE DOGS. And anyone who wants to judge me for that can get charged by a pack of dogs while trying to walk to the grocery store. No but seriously, if you have an aggressive dog that you don't properly restrain when people need to come to your place, you are a shitty person. (And yes, they're treated badly – but there's not a lot I can do about that and I still have to get followed around by possibly rabid dogs so, thanks.)

- I know the election is happening. Being out of the country hasn't really shielded me from that. I plan to vote in my primary, but given that it's not until May 3 I'm still thinking things will be essentially decided by then. Which is fine with me, to be honest. I'll just phrase my opinions as, growing up far-left in a deep red state maybe paradoxically made me pretty pragmatic – I'm not a principled voter, I'm a survival voter. Which may seem like damning with faint praise but... it's not, at least not for me. And also [long lecture about electoral systems and how they determine election outcomes, nerrrrrrrd.]

- I am super behind on writing about books! Which I guess is a good thing on the one hand because it means I'm reading a lot of books, but on the other hand, !!!!

- On that subject, one of my daily life patterns has been to come home, light a fire in my stove, and put on classical music and read until the place warms up. At first I was using iTunes Radio which was both nice and bad because they give you the little option to buy whatever's playing really conveniently right there and I probably used that five times in the first month of my doing that. But now all iTunes stations are subscription only, so I switched over to a New York classical music station. Because I'd rather listen to ads than pay a subscription, and oh yeah, I won't have to anyway because literally no classical music stations use advertising. But now I won't be dropping any more money on iTunes and their super-convenient-way-of-doing that, so... good job iTunes???

- And I guess I could talk about some things in my real life, so... it's okay! I feel like I've hit a slump at work, but I think that happens for a lot of people, and in particular some stuff is going on that made it sort of inevitable. I need to get the motivation and energy to push through the kind of stasis that's built up, and I'm... working on that.

- But my mom visited recently so that was really nice. I also now feel a little bad about ... I don't know, doing this now, being so far away. (Even for where I am, for various reasons, I'm additionally far away, and that can be difficult.) But I got to spend a lot of time with her and she bought meals at a lot of fancy places in the capital for me for like a week, so that was cool.

- I've been playing waaaay too much neko atsume. If I can't be a real crazy cat lady, I'll be a fake one, dammit.

- OKAY, and briefly, J.K. Rowling and the Magic in North America fiasco )

- ... and yeah, I think that's really probably long enough...
aberration: Pabu from LoK taking a nap next to an old-fashioned radio. (and I have a key)
So um... things that have been happening:

- I spent most of August kind of moving around from place to place. First a hotel, then a friend's place, then a place I found on airbnb. I've been in the place I'm subletting until November for about a week now, and it's kind of obscene. Like I couldn't rent a place this big for many multiples of what I'm looking to pay for a studio. And I was supposed to get a roommate, but then she backed out, which isn't a problem in any big way, it's just that I almost feel like it would've been nice to share this space with someone, as it just feels weird being alone here.

- In the meantime, I have to be job searching and apartment hunting, and... I'm hoping to get better at both in the coming week. I sent out an application for something I'm really overqualified for, but I was sick of looking at requirements like 'five years litigation experience.' Or even 'license to practice in New York,' which I don't have yet. I also put in an application to volunteer with an immigration law service, so I guess that's something. Right now I'm mostly working on my application for the foreign service officer test, and some nonprofit things, though the other application I sent was actually IP-related. I guess it's just kind of hard to get motivated when I feel like all I've ever heard in applying for things is radio silence or random people telling me how their lawyer friends have been looking for work for years, but... well, I know a lot of people are on the receiving end of that right now, so I'm trying to ignore it.

- I got entirely caught up on Breaking Bad. That is... definitely a show.

- And there was new Doctor Who! I liked the premiere fine. It didn't overwhelm me with feelings or anything, but it entertained me for an hour and... that's what I was expecting? So yeah.

- Oh and I have a television now! It's kind of hard to get used to that. And it has channels and everything. Someday I will actually watch Adventure Time when it airs rather than remembering two days later and watching it on the Cartoon Network app.

- Though I guess not having a roommate means I won't have to fight her on whether to watch Community or The Vampire Diaries or something.

- Also: So you know when you were, say, doing a thing, and then you finally got this thing you needed to do that thing, but then realized all the material you'd used for the thing was in 2:35:1 and all the material you got now is in 16:9? And because you're not actually even approaching being a decent vidder, the only thing you can think to do is replace it all (which is all the more annoying because some of that material was only shown in promotional stuff)? Yeah.

- I want to fucking see Looper already.

- Oh I did actually go to Lesbian Speed Dating. It was pretty fun at the time, but I only got hooked up with friends, and most of them are like... really young? Like in college young? Which makes me feel ancient. And I kind of feel like I need income before a relationship.

- And I guess there was that whole RNC thing. Um. Clint Eastwood sure did… talk to that chair.

- And I visited [personal profile] skygiants&[personal profile] innerbrat's place. Which we should do again sometime! Assuming everyone makes it back post-Labor Day.

Aaaand I should get to at least approaching being productive. Yep.

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