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It is really stupid late here and I'm going to be so miserable tomorrow (though that was already a given, really), and I don't really do this kind of thing a lot, but... it's going to be a long, cold winter here, and I'm about to have an almost certainly miserable day that will likely bleed into a hard week and a birthday that will optimistically be mostly spent with me in bed only getting out to put more wood on the fire, so. I could probably really use this right now, if anyone can spare the time. Thank you!

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For December 20 (LOOK WHATEVER I'M HERE!!) [personal profile] swankyfunk asked Talk about film noir, such as what interests you about the genre and/or what your top 3-5 favorite films are.

So I should preface this by saying I have no particular film experience whatsoever. I count taking one film class in college and that time I beat a bunch of NYU film students in an Oscar pool. That's all! I have no expertise in film nor or film noir in particular as a genre. I wouldn't even consider myself particularly steeped in it; a lot of what I've been doing for the last month is watching a lot of these movies for the first time.

Disclaimer out of the way! I have an aesthetic attraction to media with dark color schemes and depictions of systems that work despite social alienation. Which can often be basically film noir in a nutshell. When it comes to mysteries, I do definitely prefer stories about private detectives to cops – and if there are cops, I prefer the cop to be on the outs with the force or otherwise somewhat compromised. I can enjoy the cynical tone and perspective, particularly when it applies to its own characters. I like mysteries – I don't like police procedurals that much because I'm just kind of sick of police and prosecutors (there was a time when there were more PIs and defense attorneys in media, dammit), but I do like a well-structured investigative mystery. Or even a less well-structured one.

Also I like good noir dialogue. It's like candy to me. It's not how real people in any way speak, and that's sort of why I like it. I mean, I think I like it the way people like fantasy elements – sure they're not real, but it's fun to imagine this made up setting where people do talk like that. The turns of phrase and wordplay are just fun. I've kept a document full of notes while watching movies this past month, and they are pretty much all just quotes I like.

List of films below the cut. )

That wasn't really meant to be exhaustive, and I don't have... anything like expertise in this, but I hope you liked it!
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For December 17 (oh what that's not today), [personal profile] skygiants asked talk about what the process of writing is like for you!

So this is late, but I felt it had an appropriate reason for being late, which is that I've been distracted with hurriedly finishing my Yuletide fic. Which along with my whole moving thing is why I've been slow in general this week. So if I've been quiet or slow to respond in things generally, these things are why! But I am going to do my last two of these, and please read my delay as the result of effort (seriously the noir post is going to be cool, dammit) and not… slacking or thinking poorly of the questions because they're all awesome.

So as you can imagine my writing process is a lot like:
- Decide to do a thing
- Procrastinate forever
- Oh wait I was going to do that thing
- Hey is that something else to do
- Shit I should really do that thing
- Or I could sleep, whatever
- Ugh

And so forth. But in terms of things that are not be doing anything but writing, I guess the process of it goes something like this:

Continued below! )

And I think that covers a lot of it. Tell me about what writing is like for you! Or about things you're writing!

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