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So I read yet another Star Wars book, and I didn't like it very much!

Here is my review of Inferno Squadron (warning, it includes spoilers for pretty much everything and also some very negative comments about Rogue One, though I’ve put the latter under a second cut so you don’t have to read it! I'm sorry, but there was one passage in particular where I couldn’t just let it go):

How We Write About Space Fascists )

And the part of this where I’m really, really critical of Rogue One, feel free not to read )

But meanwhile, I earned enough credits in stupid Battlefront II to buy the Twi'lek rebel officer. And I actually braved multiplayer, the concept of which I find terrifying. If only I could get the Hera mod to work.
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So I've done this (in a much prettier form) on my tumblr, and on letterboxd, but -

Movies I watched in 2018 )

And a little more in depth, but while trying to avoid spoilers –

My favorite movies of 2018 )

Favorite movies I watched in 2018 that were not from 2018 )

Final 2018 movie thoughts:

- While making absolutely no comment on the actual movies they're for, my least favorite trailer of the year is the one for On the Basis of Sex that has perhaps the greatest jurist of our time say something blatantly incorrect about the U.S. Constitution. And this is my favorite, I still constantly listen to that music, the editor has great musicality and wow have they mastered the art of "I don't know what's going on but I'm excited!"

- For me this year was the invention of Your Historical Progressive BFF, the three biggest examples being Mary Queen of Scots, Colette, and Queen Victoria. This is really something that deserves its own post, but I'd just say here to be fair to it – for Colette it is basically true.

- There also seemed to be a definite up-tick in the casual depictions of cunnilingus onscreen so, yay progress???

- yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhh hostless Oscars!!!

- This was in fact a pretty good year to be unemployed during the summer, live five minutes from a movie theater, and have MoviePass. So you're welcome for my contribution to that disaster.
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Star Wars Resistance )

Thrawn & Thrawn: Alliances – or really, Veronica just talks about Thrawn a lot )

Tarkin )

Lords of the Sith, which involves discussion of (non-human) trafficking and sexual assault )

A New Dawn, okay I talk about Hera a lot but not that much )

Canto Bight )

Bloodline & Princess of Alderaan )

The Last Jedi novelization )

And I had a part here for "comics" but. Why get mad when I could. Not. Right now. Someday when I feel more like getting mad I'll do that. But I should still catch up as much as I can on Poe Dameron. I'll also probably read the new Vader comics because I trust Charles Soule, but ughhhhhhhhh I almost feel determined to read about anyone but Vader just because EVERYTHING IS SO MUCH VADER. I get it already yeesh. I'm also currently reading the novel Inferno Squadron, which I checked out from the library, probably in part because Amazon was selling the PC version of Battlefront II for $4.80 and I'm an idiot. And the writing's fine and I'm reading it, but after a while it just gets tiresome to keep sharing headspace with these space fascists. The non spoilery summary so far is yay we blew up Alderaan! Wait the rebels blew up the Death Star? [pikachu face]

In conclusion: I am still going to write about 2018 movies and not Star Wars. I hope.
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Happy New Year! And Yuletide reveals! This year I wrote -

Childish Things (7378 words) by [archiveofourown.org profile] ronia for [archiveofourown.org profile] randomizer
Fandom: The Americans (2013)
Rating: Teens and Up
Warnings: None
Relationships: Paige Jennings & Henry Jennings, Stan Beeman/Renee Beeman
Characters: Paige Jennings, Henry Jennings, Stan Beeman, Renee Beeman
Additional Tags: Character Study, Christmas, Post-Canon, Biblical References, Historical References
Summary: Paige felt like she needed a manual. Etiquette for dinner guests whose parents are Russian spies. Or maybe just How to act like an adult.

I'd pretty much had this in my head since watching the finale, and so was relieved to have the reason (and you know, requirement) to actually write it down. I can't go into that much without getting into spoilers for the show, given that it's pretty much "fallout from the finale" fic. But it was nice to actually realize the scenes that had been running through my brain for months, and make them fit together, and occasionally yell at myself to just transition between things or this was never going to be finished. Definitely no late nights because I'm an idiot. And I felt lucky to match up on Americans fic just after the final season - I've been intimidated by the idea of writing fic for this show in the past, but this was a prompt I felt pretty confident about and I think it worked out well. So, yay!

(And I love this show so much ugh I'm going to miss it.)
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BoJack Horseman )

She-Ra: Princesses of Power )


Adventure Time )

The Dragon Prince )

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina )

Victoria )

Superstore )

Doctor Who series 11 )

Other things I watched: Star Trek Discovery, The Good Place (seasons 2-3), Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (season 1), The Handmaid's Tale (season 2), Orphan Black (season 5), A Series of Unfortunate Events (season 2), The Office (UK), Star Wars Resistance, Miss Sherlock, Killing Eve, Star Wars Rebels (season 4), and The Americans (season 6).
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So I'm going to talk about what I read in 2018! Which is… not very much. And like a quarter of it is Star Wars stuff, and I'm working on a separate post that's just "Star Wars media I consume and talk about so you don't have to." But. Here is the rest of it!

Warnings for one book, In the Garden of Beasts, which is about 1930s Berlin and so includes discussion of antisemitism, violence, and some political situations that feel unnervingly familiar now.

Books I read in 2018 )

And maybe later there will be posts about television and movies. I did watch a lot of movies.
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Happy Holidays! I've been pretty busy, as I've only had today off (I'll also be taking December 31 off along with Jan 1, but that's it), but I did manage to participate in Yuletide this year. And I got a really great gift!

Rules for Being a Good Friend (1114 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Miss Sherlock
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: None
Characters: Hatano Kimie, Tachibana Wato, Sherlock | Futaba Sara Shelly
Summary: After the first season, there are new rules.

Sherlock had been hoping for something more interesting, like the time Kento sent her on the trail of some stolen submarine plans. Or perhaps there would be something even more unconventional, like a giant gemstone swallowed by a prize tuna, or a family that believed their restaurant was haunted by a restless ghost. The death of a fence at the hands of a thief was hardly worth the trip. But at least the dead man had had decent taste in curry.

I watched Miss Sherlock a few months ago with [personal profile] varadia and enjoyed it, so it was great to have the opportunity to get more of it here. I can't talk too much about this fic with out spoiling the first season, but I really love the dynamics of Sherlock and Wato-san and Mrs. Hatano (the Mrs. Hudson equivalent), and the way the show adapted in original Arthur Conan Doyle stories, and the author does a wonderful job of working with that here, it's all really fun, and then also sweet, and nice to have after that finale.

I haven't had time to really look through anything else, but I hope the rest of you participating have had a fun Yuletide! Or just a pleasant/day week in general :)
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I can't wait to read your fic, and I really hope you have fun with my request!

Likes/Dislikes and fandoms below! Fandoms are: Grim Fandango, The Americans, A Quiet Place, and Miss Sherlock, and some requests include spoilers. )
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I'm starting to think I should give up on the idea of yeah I'm totally going to write about my life and just make a review blog. That could be fun, right? I can even make tumblr gifs now! Sometimes. When there is energy and also I can get footage from somewhere.

I do know this is probably a time when I should be documenting things going on but. I don't know, maybe I'll eventually reach a point when reliving the events of the day feels like something I can be inclined to do.

So – instead! Things I have watched recently:

I have seen Incredibles 2 and loved it a lot, actually more than the first one. Which retrospectively makes me realize that The Incredibles is one of the few superhero movies I've actually been emotionally invested in. But I'd like to see it again before I write about it, so I'm just going to leave it at that for now. I will say, though, that I sometimes wish there was an outlet for my tendency to compare specific points in completely different things, which this time would be 'Incredibles 2 treats Elastigirl the way Star Wars should have treated Hera Syndulla – a person with identity and ambition beyond 'mother figure.''

... actually I think that comparison worked pretty well.


Ocean's 8 )

Deadpool 2 )


The Handmaiden )

And on television! –

Killing Eve )

When it comes down to it, my most recent TV obsession has definitely ended up being Superstore. Which. Maybe I'll write about after getting totally caught up.

... and right, I told myself I'd also review a book when I did this, so maybe appropriately –

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters )


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