Jan. 21st, 2016

aberration: Anthy and Utena in the Utena movie, dancing in the flooded rose garden above their reflection. (we shall all be healed)
And then there's The Complete Stories of Flannery O'Connor. I'd read A Good Man Is Hard to Find and a few of her other stories that weren't in that collection, so a lot of this was rereading. Though that led to a lot of "was that… especially upsetting... or did I not come in... prepared..." (The Lame Shall Enter First, I don't know.) Reading so many of O'Connor's stories at once also reinforced what seem to be her favorite conventions, which include:
- Underachieving grown men living with their mothers.
- Young women and girls who are intelligent, ugly, bookish, "precocious," cruel, and very clear author stand-ins.
- Middle-aged or older women so unable to deal with their reality that they feel temporally displaced. (This is not the best way to phrase it, and I'm no trying to write off racism as "unable to deal with their reality," but it does feel like a point that these women seem to be almost simultaneously in two spaces at once.)

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